USA Martial Arts Presents
Reverend J. Brown, Soke


1969 - Jeff (known by his friends as "J") Brown was born the youngest of three and raised by his parents, Don and Carol Brown, in Erie, Pennsylvania.


1978 – Beginning his martial arts career, studying with Erie native Billy Blanks, he made the martial arts his way of life. 
It wasn't easy, but after many physical and mental challenges, he overcame the obstacles that stood in his way.  Eventually Master Brown earned his Black Belt
and began running two locations of the Billy Blanks Karate Academy. 


1984 – Making the most important decision of his life, he joined Faith Lutheran Church in Girard, PA and began his walk with God. 
Since then, he has gradually grown in his faith and is constantly looking for ways to serve the church and witness to others about his faith in Jesus Christ. 
Over the years, he has served his church as Financial Secretary, Activities and Youth group advisor, Trustee, Elder and Director of C.L.A.Y. (an effort between
the Erie County Lutheran Churches to join forces and pull resources to work with the youth and young adults).


1987 - Graduated from Northwestern High school in Albion, PA and began his career as the instructor of two locations of the Billy Blanks Karate Academy.


1988 - The decision was made by Master Brown's instructors to close down the Conneaut, Ohio location of the Billy Blanks Karate Academy around the time
 that Sabunim (Master Instructor of Tae Kwon Do) Blanks moved away to California. 
It was then that Master Brown decided to re-open the Conneaut, Ohio location under his own name.


1990 - Opened the second location of USA Martial Arts in Girard, PA.  Since then, Master Brown has gone on to instruct and oversee 9 different Martial Arts schools
that he and his students have opened.  


1990 - Received his Black Belt in Goshin Jutsu Karate.  Over the years, Master Brown has been privileged to study Tae Kwon Do (his original system under Mr. Blanks),
 Goshin Jutsu Karate, Aikijutsu, Kenpo Jutsu, Aikido, and multiple forms of Kung Fu.


Soke (Grandmaster) Herschel Schenck and Master Brown

2000 - With the encouragement of Soke (Grandmaster) Herschel Schenck, Master Brown took the best of the styles he had studied and created his own style
 called Issho-Ryu.  Issho-Ryu stands for "System for ones whole life".  This comes from the teachings that the Martial Arts are a way of life and not just something
to be quickly rehearsed in the martial arts studio and then left behind during the course of the rest of ones daily routine.   During the USA Martial Arts Summer Camp
 in July of 2000, Master Brown completed his 5th degree Black Belt testing with Soke H. Schenck.


2000 – Inducted into the World Christian Martial Arts Hall of Fame.


2001 - Master Brown sensed that it was time to encourage his black belts to grow further in the arts.  He allowed the instructors working under him to assume
all responsibilities of running each individual training center while Master Brown continued to oversee the operation of the organization. 
It was also at this time that Master Brown enrolled in school for his seminary training in order that he might answer the call he has received to serve God
 by becoming a Lutheran Pastor.


2002 – Received his 6th Dan in Issho-Ryu karate.  




2005 – Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Concordia University in Austin, Texas.  During his academic studies, he was also inducted into the
 Alpha Chi National Honor Society.


Fall 2005 - Enrolled as a full time graduate student at
Concordia Theological Seminary  in Fort Wayne, Indiana. 
 J anticipates his ordination as a Lutheran pastor to take place sometime in the summer of 2008.




Fall 2006 - Brown's first book, "Street Smarts from Christian Martial Arts" was published by Agapy Publishing.  "Street Smarts" brings together
both of Brown's "worlds", both Christian ministry and martial arts.  The lessons in this book convey 40 life lessons in an approach to holistic
(mind, body, and spirit) healthy living.



Spring 2007 - Brown was assigned by the church to be a vicar
(1 year internship) at Faith Lutheran Church in Vista, California.



May 30, 2007 - promoted to 7th degree black belt by Grandmaster Schenck



July, 2008 - Reverend J. Brown is ordained and installed as the newest pastor at Praise Lutheran Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana. 



October 2008 - Master Brown's second book, "Breaking Barriers" was published by
Tri-Pillar Publishing
Breaking Barriers, the book, outlines the five principles of board and brick breaking as demonstrated in  the Breaking Barriers Live -
Christian martial arts presentation.

January 2009 - As a ministry of Praise Lutheran Church, Master Brown opens Trinity Martial Arts Club in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

September 1, 2012 - Pastor Brown has accepted the call from Concordia Lutheran Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana to be their new
Associate Pastor.

October 12, 2012 - began teaching Concord Karate Club for Concordia Lutheran Church and School   Concord  Karate Club
  April 13, 2013 - Promoted to 8th degree black belt by Grandmaster Herschel Schenck of San Antonio, Texas

January, 2016 – accepted a call to be the Director of Church Relations at Concordia University Texas.
  April 4, 2017 – Opened Trinity Martial Arts Club in Cedar Park, Texas


Besides the accomplishments he's made in the advancement of his own rank in the martial arts, Master Brown is very proud of the 13 black belts he's promoted in his system.


Over the years, Master Brown has also:

·        Completed training certifying him as a United States AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) tournament official.

·        Served as the Pennsylvania State Representative of IGOR (International Grandmasters Of the Roundtable)

·        Held the position as assistant Pennsylvania director for the PKC (Professional Karate Commission)

·        Been an active as a member of the CBBA (Christian Black Belt Association).

·        Held the position of Representative for the State of Ohio in the KIME organization.

·       Throughout his career in the Martial Arts, won several Local, Regional, State, National, and International competitions. 
  His greatest "sport karate" accomplishment was being invited to compete for the United States Martial Arts team at the IGOR World Championships
   held in Fiuggi, Italy.  There Master Brown took a Gold medal in Masters Forms, a Silver (originally tied for the Gold) in Self-defense, and two Silver medals
   in both Sparring and Masters Weapons divisions.  Upon returning home from Italy, Master Brown was honored in Harrisburg by our State Representative
   with Citations for his accomplishments.

·        Continued to present day his membership in the CMAU (Christian Martial Arts Union)  

Master Brown

To this day, USA Martial Arts continues to be centered on the students themselves.  
The organization exists to serve the community and give back to others what Master Brown has found invaluable for his own life. 
Master Brown’s dream and hope for the future is to continue to serve God and spread His love by serving others by means of the martial arts.

Even now Master Brown continues to guide the black belt instructors under him.  He still serves as the master of USA Martial Arts
 and continues his own training with his current instructor Grandmaster Herschel Schenck.