USA Martial Arts Presents
Sensei Jason Hufford

Current rank 3rd degree black belt


1993 - October 6th,  was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

2003 - After seeing a Martial Arts club at his elementary school, he enrolled into ATA, along with both of his brothers.

2006 - Took a break from Martial Arts due to cost and conflict between school and family.

2008 -  Was introduced to Issho-ryu karate by Pastor Brown.

2010 - Started to help Pastor Brown with teaching classes as an assistant.

2011- Started to teach an intermediate class on his own through USA Martial Arts.

2012 - Graduated from Carroll High School with Academic Honors.

2012 - July 26th promoted to Shodan, first degree black belt , in Issho-ryu Karate.

2012 - Enrolled at Ball State University for Japanese and Elementary Education, with a goal of eventually helping in  ministry.  While at Ball State, Jason continued his  studies in the martial arts. In his free time, Jason would teach self defense seminars to different clubs and groups in the Ball State area.

2013 - Traveled to Brazil to spread the Good News of Christ through Martial Arts.

2014 - July 26th  - Promoted to Nidan, 2nd degree black belt in Issho-Ryu Karate

2015 - Traveled to Japan and studied at Sapporo University for 3 months. While studying, Jason participated in a  karate program  provided by the university.

2016 - May - Jason graduated with Magna Cum Laude from Ball State University.  He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Japanese and Elementary Education.

2016 - June - Jason was promoted to Sandan 3rd degree black belt, in Issho-ryu Karate.

2016 - July - Jason traveled down to Texas and received a 2nd grade position at Timmerman Elementary School in Pflugerville, Texas.

2017 - April 4th  - Jason and Soke Brown opened up Trinity Martial Arts in Cedar Park, Texas. Jason is continuing to teach karate in the community and spreading the Word of God to all with which He comes into contact.