Don't let the title fool you!!!

We have truly enjoyed reading this book and neither of us knows anything about Martial Arts!

Whether you are a teenager, or maybe you are even a senior citizen (as we are), you will find changes you want to implement to make your life better. We highly recommend the book to all ages.

J Brown's referrals to Scripture throughout the book gave us a chance to combine a great Bible study along with learning what God wants for us.

Each chapter is self contained and brought something new to our lives. We rank these writings right up there as one of the greatest personal development books you will ever read. Like John C Maxwell with his books on Leadership, we appreciate J's willingness to share his thoughts and ideas with us all!


Barbara Lebsock & Rosemary Humann
Vista, California


I am very impressed with “Street Smarts.” It is well organized with short, simple but profound lessons that are easy to teach. Many of these are lessons I have learned through my Christian walk and martial arts training and tried to convey to my students. But this book has distilled these lessons down to something that is easy to understand and remember - with scripture references and illustrations that bring the lessons home.
Great job!
Rev Chris Mullis
Martial arts instructor
Forsyth, GA


God in His divine Word has used gallant warriors to be champions of the faith.  These men were not wimps, but boldly carried the Word into actual battle and felt pain and death all around them.  As a lifelong practitioner and instructor of combat arts I believe that Street Smarts from Christian Martial Arts has the lessons that we need to enter the modern battlefield of spiritual warfare and yet be like the biblical warriors of the past!  J. Brown's book can help us not only wear the whole armor of God, but his 40 lessons can keep it polished to a high gloss which will blind all evil in the face!

Soke (Grandmaster) Herschel Schenck,
Founder of Awase Kenpo Karate,
Wooster, Ohio


     J. Brown does a great job of emphasizing the need for a balance between mind, body, and soul.  To do this, he uses concrete illustrations from martial arts to make his points.  I found the book to be educational as well as something I could use as a devotional thought for the day.  I recommend Street Smarts from Christian Martial Arts to anyone seeking a unique perspective on the Christian life.

Chris Kennedy, Vicar
Christ the King Lutheran Church
Kingwood, Texas


      You don’t have to know the first thing about karate to be blessed by this book.  The forty life lessons are beautifully illustrated by karate examples that will encourage your walk with the Lord.  Street Smarts points towards a holistic life in short, easy to read examples that will help you focus on your goals for Christian living.

Roberta Calkins,
A follower of J. Brown’s Master, Jesus Christ
Tucson, Arizona


     I really enjoyed reading J Brown's: Street Smarts from Christian Martial Arts.  The life lessons are sincere and thought provoking, and the insights Master Brown provides are refreshing.  I was most happy to read that Brown discloses childhood stories, and laces his thoughts with humor and wisdom.  A great read for anyone seeking pearls of wisdom in the form of life lessons.

Jordan Harmsen,
Boston, Massachusetts


     J Brown’s new book “Street Smarts from Christian Martial Arts” is a wonderful blending of Martial Arts and principals for Christian living.  Taking experiences from his many years of Martial arts training he combines them with Bible verses and philosophy to produce Christian lessons useful in everyday life.  Furthermore he does it in everyday language so you don’t have to be a Theologian or an expert in philosophy to understand and use these lessons in your own life.  Master Brown proves that the Martial arts and the Christian life style not only go together, but also complement each other.

     I will be using his book as an aid to my personal devotions, teaching my Karate class, and teaching Royal Rangers.

Paul Woodman,
Second Degree Black belt Goshin-Do Karate,
Assembly of God Royal Ranger Commander and Author of Warrior for the Lord 
Erie, Pennsylvania


      Street Smarts from Christian Martial Arts is very inspirational to me.  Each chapter is a lesson in every day life with help from the Bible guiding us through life.  I read and study a chapter every day. 

Bob Bruick,
Clear Lake, Indiana.


J. Brown positively and significantly contributes to a trend which finds much common ground between martial arts and Christianity. 

            Although the themes of his chapters vary greatly, a common thread is the thoughtful, winsome manner in which Brown shares wisdom from scripture, martial arts instruction, and his life experience.  Brown’s book provides interesting reading and benefit for a variety of audiences.  While a Christian student or instructor of martial arts can most fully relate to the book’s contents, any reader be enriched by the book’s emphasis on wise, practical living as well as Brown’s interesting, touching, and humorous biographical notes.  As a professor of religion and martial arts instructor myself, I highly recommend this book for anyone’s reading pleasure.

Curtis P. Giese
Austin, Texas


Street Smarts from Christian Martial Arts was interesting to read, easy to comprehend, and loaded with great tips and ideas.  Through it, Brown demonstrates that he is a great karate master, yet still a servant to all.  I wish I could buy every family in America this book – the country would be a much better place to live, work, and worship. 

James Vangor
Girard, PA


"Street Smarts" is a book of classic lessons from a unique, Christian Martial Arts perspective.  Personal stories by Master Brown are told in a very homey, conversational tone reminiscent of conversations on the front porch over iced tea.  This easy to read compilation is full of scripture
references and could be worked into conversation starters for family or group study.

Dr. Michael Schulteis
Assistant Professor of Education
Concordia University
Irvine, California


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