Nothing beats the feeling of helping your neighbor in need, and with USA Martial Arts and Fortress Ministries, there are many ways to give.

• Give now by praying for our ministry.

• Give now by volunteering. You don’t have to be a karate participant to volunteer. There are many behind the scenes ways to help. Email RevJB@Fortress-Ministries.org  to find out more.

• Give now by donating a financial gift to the ministry. There are children and families that need your help today. See “giving stories.”

Click here to donate through PayPal  

 or mail your donation to Fortress Ministries, P.O. Box 2546, Cedar Park, TX, 78630

Here are some other ways that people give:

• Remember Fortress Ministries when you are considering your charitable donations.

• Remember Fortress Ministries if you have estate sales or have a car, boat, or other large item that you’d like to donate and receive a tax deduction.

• Remember Fortress Ministries when you are ready to transfer stocks, receive your tax refund, or are named as a recipient of a will.

• Remember Fortress Ministries when you are ready to do estate planning, finalize your will/trust, or choose beneficiaries for your life insurance.

If you have questions about any of the above, we can help you with the process and help you to understand the tax benefits to charitable giving with Fortress Ministries.