USA Martial Arts Presents
Sensei Zachary Koralewski
Current rank - 2nd degree black belt

1998- Born on December 15th in Wapun, Wisconsin.

1999- Moved to California with parents, 6-months after birth.

2006- Moved to Fort Wayne Indiana.

2009- Late in December I joined USA Martial Arts to get involved in an active sport and eventually my mom joined and it became an activity we both enjoyed and time we could spend together.

2013- Started high school online.

2014-March, started a class for kids K-2nd grade with my mom.

2014- August 2nd received 1st degree Black Belt in Issho Ryu.

I plan to go to college for a degree in interior design. I want to one day become an interior designer. I am a fun loving, craftsy, caring, unique person, I love to be around friends and family, I have 5 cats whom I love very much!
I initially joined Karate to get fit and have a social activity since I was homeschooled at the time. A few months after I joined my mom joined and we have enjoyed the time together! I have made so many good friends through Karate, Karate has done so much for my life! Not only has it made my social life better it has made my family life and spiritual life grown too!

2018 Jan 20th received 2nd degree Black Belt in Issho Ryu.